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Navigating around Ridgewood Lakes

The entrance to Ridgewood Lakes is well signposted, it will be on your right at a set of traffic lights as you come along the 27.  A Flag normally flies infront of the entrance.  Make sure you are in the outside lane as you approach.

Turn left into Ridgewood Lakes Blvd and drive on to the gatehouse.  Here you will need to advise the attendant that you are renting 1214 Golf Course Parkway and provide your name.  They may provide you with a pass that you will show each time you enter. 

Pass through the gates and follow the route as directed by Google Maps on the right.  Drive along the main road until you see the signpost for White Heron Golf Course.  Then turn RIGHT by the tennis courts;  Take the first left then first right.

1214 has a number over the garage and is close to the corner as indicated.

Details on how to enter the villa will be provided separately to you by email.

Map and instructions are extracted from Google Maps.

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